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Nortt endeligt cd/lp
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We Owe You Nothing

FORGOTTEN TOMB (ITA) - We Owe You Nothing
  • Country: ITA
  • Label: Agonia
  • Genre: Black Metal / Doom
  • Year: 2017
  • Format: LP Vinyl LP
  • Price: € 18,00 Add to cart
  • In stock

Description / Tracks

Limited black vinyl.

We Owe You Nothing" marks the highest point in Forgoten Tomb's constant evolution and once more makes it hard to narrow down its sound to some pre-existing labels. Effortlessly blending the eerie, dissonant black metal sound the band is well-known for with muscular sludge/doom riffs and a subtle, nihilistic punk attitude, "We Owe You Nothing" defines the band's personality more than ever, reaffirming its unique sound.

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