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Döda vägar

MYLINGAR (SWE) - Döda vägar
  • Country: SWE
  • Label: Amor fati
  • Genre: Black Metal / Death
  • Year: 2016
  • Format: CD MCD digi
  • Out of Stock Out of Stock
  • Out of Stock

Description / Tracks

A new anonymous Swedish project, Mylingar plays supremely punishing black metal with hints of noise and slight hardcore leanings. Their debut EP has a standard structure but presents an original and distinguishable take on this saturated genre.

It’s not everyday that we can hear a band combining the aural dissonance of black metal with its more upbeat, rock & roll counterpart but it’s the case here. Mixing the aggressive and voluntary stupidity of war metal (both the subgenre and the sound of Marduk’s Panzer Division) and this sort of noisy, urban style in a package full of textures. At times, the aesthetics and the vocals can recall the blackened side of modern black/death as it’s rough and determined to bludgeon everyone and everything. Excellent debut release.

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