CARPATHIAN FOREST Strange old brew

Strange old brew

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nazione: NOR
etichetta: Peaceville
anno: 2000
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo

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Giving a follow up to a masterpiece like Black shining leatherà was hard, but C.F. confirms their unique class in creating a waird opus like this, true Black Metal.
Tracks :
Intro - Damnation Chant 1:01
Bloodcleansing 2:43
Mask of the Slave 4:12
Martur / Sacrificulum 3:26
Thanatology 4:40
The Suicide Song 3:39
House of the Whipcord 3:58
Cloak of Midnight 5:28
Return of the Freezing Winds 3:07
Theme for Nekromantikk 3:04
The Good Old Enema Treatment 1:52
He's turning Blue ( bonus track ) 2:53