KYPRIAN'S CIRCLE Noitatulen vartija

Noitatulen vartija

€ 8,00

nazione: FI
etichetta: Werewolf Records
anno: 2018
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo

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Reissue a lost classic of Finnish black metal: KYPRIAN'S CIRCLE's Noitatulen vartija. It shall be released on CD format and, for the first time ever, 12" vinyl. 

Originally released in 1999, Noitatulen vartija was the debut EP of KYPRIAN'S CIRCLE, and also the band's final recording. Granted, mainman Kyprian had released three demos during 1996 and '97 and then a split tape in '98, but the five-song/19-minute Noitatulen vartija was the longest recording he released under the KYPRIAN'S CIRCLE banner. As such, it was the fullest exploration of his aesthetic, and a perfect distillation of the times: raw-yet-ethereal black metal brimming with both a moonlit mysticism and a woodland wonder. Simple pleasures, to be sure, but ones that extolled the eternal glory of ancient black metal. Feel the breath of night again, or perhaps for the first time, with KYPRIAN'S CIRCLE's Noitatulen vartija!

1. Flames Of Night Eternal
2. When The Stormspirit Spoke
3. The Guardian Of The Hexfire
4. Our Swords Have Been Forged In The Smithy of Hell
5. I Am Thy Death