MERCYLESS - Coloured Funeral - Nice price - 2CD
MERCYLESS Coloured Funeral - Nice price

Coloured Funeral - Nice price

€ 9,00

etichetta: Kaotoxin Records
anno: 2017
formato: 2CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Reissue of MERCYLESS‘ 1993 second full-length, “Coloured Funeral” along with “Spiral of Flowers 2017“, a brand new single by the band.

After their mind-blowing debut, “Abject Offerings” released in 1992 through Vinyl Solution (BOLT THROWER, CANCER, MACABRE…), MERCYLESS signed to Century Media (ASPHYX, GRAVE, UNLEASHED…) and released their second full-length, “Coloured Funeral“, keeping all of previous album’s brutality, heaviness, catchiness and melodies, but pushing it all to the next level with more intricate riffing and song-structures and an overall darker and more mature feel to it making this release not only an other highlight of the band’s discography but also a classic of the whole Death Metal genre, quickly followed by countless tours and gigs with DEATH, GRAVE, TIAMAT, UNLEASHED and many more.

CD2: Live in Memory of Agrazabeth.

Tracks 1-7 recorded live at La Poudrière, Rochefort (FR), 1994
Tracks 8-14 recorded live at L'Usine, Reims (FR), 1994
Remastered for digital supports at Alien Forces studio, 2017