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About Us

Sound-cave.com is the online shop of SOUND CAVE.
The Company is located in Milan, Italy. It exists since 1996 and did born as a the retail spin-off of AVANTGARDE MUSIC record company.
Avantgarde Music exists since 1994 and have released at today over 70 productions including very well known in the extreme music scene (Katatonia, Mayhem, Behemoth, Opera IX, Diabolical Masquerade just to name a few).
In 1996 forces were joint to Wounded Love Records (another record company located in Milan, with 30 releases out at today, including TAAKE, THROES OF DAWN, GODKILLER, DARK SANCTUARY and more): the first result of this joint venture was the opening of Sound Cave record shop, probably one of the very few shops in Italy specialized in Metal and Dark Music.
The Company's business soon expanded to an efficient and successful national mailorder service.

In 2001 it was rather clear to the Company's owners that the only potentially expandable business woud be an INTERNATIONAL MAILORDER SERVICE.
It took an helluva time to have a working site finally ready and all the necessary formalities executed to launch this activity.

All site activities and regulations are administred as demanded by Italian business, financials and taxes laws and rules.

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