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Sale Terms

Before placing an order we invite you to carefully read all the informations and sale terms hereby reported. Your order with us means that you have taken view of these and accept them.

Site purposes

SOUND-CAVE.COM is a online store property of Sound Cave, and it's a purely commercial site, an e-commerce store. The purpose of this site is only the sale of music in whatever known and available media format and musical related merchandise (t-shirts, dvds, etc).
For no reasons this site means to be of your reference for any other purpose, being it political, ideological or promotional.
For this reason we invite you to enter in touch with us only for the purpose to buy our products: do not submit mails with different requests and purposes, as they will not be replied. For no reasons use our mail address to forward unsolicited material, audio or visual.
We are not considering to buy from any different sources than our usual ones, so please do not forward samples of your products by email, being them audio samples or jpgs; eventually send us an inquiry email first.

Payment methods

Cash on delivery is only available for Italian Territory at the moment being. Foreign Customers: we accept payment by Credit card, Bank transfers (UE only) and Paypal.

Please note: both credit cards and Paypal systems do not allow for an order cancellation due to a simple afterthought or error: a refund is of course possible, but the banking system and paypal will not refund us for the fees charged during payment and, therefore, we will not be able to refund those amounts to you but only the actual value of the order net of commissions. Of course this is not happening in case of refund needed because of a lost or damaged parcel/item, for those you will receive your money back in full and we will pay those fees back to the bank or paypal.

Pre-purchase info and customer assistance

If you need assistance or more informations strictly related to items that you intend to order and that are listed in our site, you can send a preliminary email to : Anyway, there is no chance that your credit card will be charged for titles that are not available. Please read carefully the section about Browsing Instructions. In any case this email contact is not meant for personal chat or questions: please avoid placing questions that are not not strictly related to your purchase. Please don't ask for titles we don't have in our site.

Although the store allows and accepts browsing and purchase byguest visitors we strongly encourage you to register and get a personal log-in in order to keep track of your orders, including tracking number etc

Items availability offers all and only the items that are listed on the online store in that very moment. The Database is constantly updated on daily basis, so what you see is what you can get in that very moment. On the other hand, do not ask for unlisted items. 

After you have selected the titles of your interest, you'll be asked to fill-in a proforma order-form: note, at this stage NO Credit Card infos are requested, therefore NO charge to you is made. This form will be forwarded to our Customer Assistance.
You will shortly get back an email from us, with a final confirmation that the titles you ordered are all available and the total amount of your order comprising postage costs. Here you still have the chance to add a title or replace a last-hour missing item. If everything is ok instead, on receipt of our confirmation mail, you shall get also a link to our secure payment gateway: from this moment, you will access a safe bank site where to fill in your Credit Card information.
IMPORTANT: These credit card infos is not forwarded to us.
There is no need for you to browse again titles and add to cartel: just get-in, fill your credit card information with the total amount we have calculated for you. We keep your order obviously and will be noticed by our bank when the international Visa network will give the ok on your Credit Card.

Payment timing

You have 2 days to confirm your order by filling the payment / credit card form since the receipt of the confirmation mail from us. After 48 hours we will consider your pre-order has cancelled. Since you have filled-in your information in the payment gateway, the bank will take a few minutes to send us confirmation of your payment execution, and we shall ship your order the morning after.

Shipping methods and charges

All orders are shipped as registered! Being it a postal registered parcel or a freight courier one.  


All prices are stated in EUROS. People living outside of E.E.C. countries can easily find a currency exchange calculator in many websites, for example:Yahoo finance

Returns accept no returns on paid and sent products, unless these are defected or damaged. In any case, we won't refund any money but send another copy of the same item unless not available anymore. Please understand that we can not accept returns for material that you don't like or have bought in mistake. If you need to return a damaged product, send an email to : to agree on the terms of this return.

Please understand that anyway no complains will be accepted starting from 15 days after date of shipping (European destinations) and 30 days (after shipping date) on overseas destinations, therefore please find the time to double check your purchses with us in time.