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Milano, 22/05/2018

About us

Avantgarde Music,, Sidereal e are artistic and commercial trademarks managed by the Company Sound Cave, owned by Roberto Mammarella and located in: Milano, Via Daniele Crespi 7 ITALIA

This Privacy rules register set has been updated with more rigid procedures by following demands by European Law GDPR 2016/79, valid since 25/05/2018

Data collection

Sound Cave never and never will collect personal data through public or third-party acquisition: any data in our possession has been exclusively provided to us by companies (suppliers and customers) or private individuals (customers) in the context of purchases and / or direct sales with the same ones.

By making a purchase from our online stores you intend and consent to the acquisition and processing of your personal data for the purpose of serving the transaction and any direct soft marketing, aimed exclusively at proposing items similar to those you have already purchased from us.
These purchases include those made through online shops (commercial web spaces) that we "sub-rent" at generic retailers ("marklet places") such as,, Discogs.

All purchases made at these platforms remain protected remotely, at the same sites, and never downloaded locally. In particular, and only with regard to the company's own sites, and we rely on server protections:

Type of data acquired

During the commercial transaction, and in the seller position, Sound Cave receives this data supplied by the customer himself:
Name and surname, residential address, email address, telephone number (optional), payment details
The same are then transmitted via internet to shipping companies to finalize the sending of the order: the data of these shipments will be from that moment only and only stored remotely at the same and for the sole purpose of tracking the shipment.

At the time of writing this document these companies are:

As regards the process of payment of an order by a customer, this can be done in an automated manner and contextual to the order through an instant payment interface, in this case:

These last data remain in possession of the same payment platforms and we can consult them only with remote access and never downloaded locally.

Cancellation and oblivion

Each customer has the right to be forgotten his data and to explicitly request the deletion of his data from each of the platforms listed above, where technically possible, simply by sending an email to

Newsletter, soft-marketing

We use very limited (maximum bimonthly frequency) mass mailing programs, in this case Sendblaster ( to propose to a database of customers already acquired (ie they have already made at least one purchase from us) offers special, preview products etc.

Local Data Protection

The data that we keep only temporarily in local are:

There are two computers used locally, protected by user passwords and system firewalls.
All the above documents receive a periodic back-up on a remote server that we have rented annually at Softronics Communication AG (Switzerland, Paper documents are transferred at the end of each month to our Commercialists in Nerviano (MI) studio, Seaf Srl

the legal and technical responsible for the conservation and protection of data in the local area is the owner, Roberto Mammarella

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