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Frequently Asked Questions

On receipt of your submitted order form, we will reply you back with a confirmation of availability of all your selected titles: this email from us is actually the confirmation that your products are all available and ready to ship. If any mistake has occured, like a title listed on the website but not physically available, we will get back to you immediately for a replacement or a refund

Please email us immediately to orders@sound-cave.com explaining in a clear and comprehensible way the reason of your complain. 

Although the post service that we use is normally quick, and the freight couriers options even quicker, some delays might happen. For sure you have to send us an email if no parcel shows up after 10 days (Europe) or 20 days (US/ Canada etc). Send us an email with your address and order date to orders@sound-cave.com

We're trying to have happy and returning customers, so please email us with the changes you need and we'll act accordingly if your parcel has not been packed and shipped yet

No, all the listed tshirts are in the size stated near the title or in the product description, please do not ask for different sizes

We can not give such a guarantee. In particular for those titles listed as Limited edition or limited stock or very underground titles

Sorry but we don't have a printed catalogue anymore since 2004, the one and only catalogue is the actual website. Unfortunately today's market is too hectic to follow, tens of products are released every week, therefore a printed catalogue would be uncomplete and obsolete even before reaching your door...