ACATHEXIS - Immerse (Color Vinyl) - LP
ACATHEXIS Immerse (Color Vinyl)

Immerse (Color Vinyl)


label: Amor fati
Released at: April 5, 2024
format: LP
Condition: New

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Single LP transparent red vinyl with lyric gatefold containing exclusive artwork

Sometimes in a band's history, there's a moment where the calm comes after the storm – when their first output burns brightly, making itself almost impossible to compete with. To simply repeat it would be a mistake, so it's time to change. A significant change, but not in the core of the music, just a change in tonalities, from harsh to smooth, from pained to beautiful…

This is not the case with Acathexis.

Jake, Dany & Déhà return with their searing style of atmospheric black metal. Like the ebb and flow of the human experience, light-speed blast beats interweave with introspective passages to express a flurry of emotions and energy, with heartrending screams, harsh guitars that veil solemnity, produced triumphantly but with the mark of each member imprinted clearly upon it. They haven’t changed, and they have much more to say with the sound which has become their signature.

1.Dreams of Scorched Mirrors
2.Adrift in Endless Tides
3.The Other 09:37
4.A Slow, Weary Wind