AGALLOCH - Pale Folklore (2CD artbook) - 2CD
AGALLOCH Pale Folklore (2CD artbook)

Pale Folklore (2CD artbook)


country: USA
label: Eisenwald
Released at: September 4, 2023
format: 2CD
Condition: New

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2CD Artbook
Packaging: Hardbound book edition with hotfoil finish, 54pages with gold print, including artwork, pictures, information, liner notes and specifically curated interview. Double CD set with Pale Folklore on Disc 1, and the whole early/demo material of „The Demonstration Archive“ + one unreleased early track version as a bonus, on Disc 2.


Although 'Pale Folklore' stands as Agalloch`s debut record, it already 
embodies several elements that later became part of the band`s signature
sound. Effortlessly picking up from their excellent demonstration
cassette, it sees the band refining their sound even further. An audio
amalgamation combining the profoundness of early Ulver, with the gloom
of old Katatonia and exalted boldness of Fields of the Nephilim, thus
adding unique elements of nostalgia and atmosphere to their own melodic
interplay of guitars and excellent musical framework. The album contains
strong signs of a band that knew at a young age how to draw their
canvas. “Influenced by the landscapes of the American Pacific Northwest,
and with an essence reminiscent of the Scandinavian wilderness, it
firmly put Agalloch on the map and raised eyebrows about what a band
from North America can be capable of.

As a person that grew up checking out records based on their cover
artwork alone, this album was particularly notable -  the wood grain
cover with a gold emblazoned logo engraving was instantly enthralling.
This is music that glorifies the night sky, envisions campfire magic,
heralds nature over humans, arcane arts & poetry, and worships the
beauty of a crackling fireplace. It could be the soundtrack for a lone
wanderer striving through a wintry storm, only to end up knocking on a
faded wooden door to find shelter in a desolate cabin. In many ways the
sound of forlorn times.

If you are looking to fill your heart with woodsmoke and the fire of the
mountain's spirit, look no further.