AMALEKIM - Avodah Zarah - DIGI CD
AMALEKIM Avodah Zarah

Avodah Zarah


label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: October 30, 2023
format: DIGI CD
Condition: Second hand

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Four panels digipak with booklet

The long work is coming to an end: Italian/Polish black metal band Amalekim, with a new line-up, is ready to reveal their latest work, Avodah Zarah. 

Once again, the ultimate aim is to question all that is sacred and all that is profane in this age of ours. Avodah Zarah contains many influences and many different experiences, both on a musical and a personal level, seeking to present itself as something new in the purest tradition of the genre. With this work, Amalekim decisively turn over a new leaf compared to their previous work, HVHI, with conceptual and musical maturity, seeking to maintain the melodic aspects that distinguish them, implemented by dissonances and greater compositional complexity.

Avodah Zarah revolves around the concept of the inversion of values, taking much from the Old Testament tradition, occultism and alchemy, always in an attempt to bring to the ears and eyes (starting from the cover) of the listeners an ever-present revolt, but without the obviousness and generality that too often mark today's world.

01 - Psalm I: Avodah Zarah
02 - Psalm II: Efes Sefirah
03 - Psalm III: Olam Teshuvah
04 - Psalm IV: Tzel Hakarah
05 - Psalm V: Litrof Rekanut
06 - Psalm VI: Litfos Atziluth
07 - Psalm VII: Mizmor LeQuayn
08 - Psalm VIII: Hester Panim
09 - The Disease (Bonus Track)