ANACHRONISM - Meanders (black vinyl) - LP
ANACHRONISM Meanders (black vinyl)

Meanders (black vinyl)


label: Unorthodox Emanations
Released at: January 30, 2023
format: LP
Condition: New

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Anachronism is a Swiss band formed in 2009. Drawing inspiration from a lot of different influences, from dissonant, technical and brutal death metal to jazz and prog music, the quartet is now about to release their third studio album, Meanders.

Following the self-released Orogeny from 2018 (and the Reflecting the Inside EP before that), Meanders is a work of heavy contrasts: pure blasts of violence intertwine with ambient, intimate parts or groovy drum & bass duos. On top of complex, unpredictable structures, singer Lisa Voisard’s low growls and aerials riffs make work to bring depth to the eight songs of the albums.

When asked to describe their new opus, Anachronism answered: “Sometimes we find harmonized arpeggios, sometimes we find fast and agressive moments, and in the end each song is a journey of its own, painting a different scenario”.

With their new album Anachronism shows varied atmospheres and moods, all with powerful feelings and a rich palette of emotions. Come take a tour through their Meanders.

Anachronism new album, with a cover illustration by Adam Burke, will be released via Avantgarde Music death metal division Unorthodox Emanations on January 28th, 2023.

01 - Contrasts
02 - Meanders
03 - Prism
04 - Source
05 - Insula
06 - Mirage
07 - Macrocosm
08 - Dialogues