ANAL BLASPHEMY Satan Rapes God Since 2002

Satan Rapes God Since 2002

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country: FIN
label: Pagan War Distro
year: 2018
format: 2CD
Condition: New

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" To celebrate the 15 years of ANAL BLASPHEMY Spread Evil Productions releases a very special 2CD compilation full of rarities and special tracks alongside with a 16-page booklet filled with obscene pictures throughout the years and liner notes. The compilation is named as what Anal Blasphemy is in the year 2017: "SATAN RAPES GOD SINCE 2002"!

The CD's include:
Disc 1:
- Full live set from 2011, debut AB gig in Helsinki
- all tracks from the split EPs
- Impaled Nazarene cover "Vitutuksen multihuipennus"
- bonus livetrack from 2017 in Steelfest

Disc 2:
- both Anal Blasphemy demos in full
- Blasphemous Devotion demo