ANGRENOST - Nox et Hiems - 2LP
ANGRENOST Nox et Hiems

Nox et Hiems


country: POR
label: Altare Productions
format: 2LP
Condition: New

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Amid the axis of territorial sceneries, generational junctures, the zeitgeist of concrete periods, there lies invariably scattered anomalies that transgress the semblance of passing time, space and reasoning itself, individuals and ensembles whose magnitude goes beyond the imposing rules of artistic behavior. Within the Portuguese Black Metal landscape, one of the epithets of perpetual yonder outside the boundaries of any assorted alignment is Angrenost. 
In the course of a career that goes back to the cauldron of the mid 90s, the group released an EP at the end of said decade yet retreating for a long slumber that ended in 2013 with the release of Planet Muscaria. Four years have passed and Angrenost returns with a retribution, the emergence of a renewal, the harvesting of a new era. Nox et Hiems is an opus of hermetical Black Metal darkness, a 63-minute tome of occult mysticism that consumes the listener in a sinister divination. Divided in two discs, one for each elemental direction, it exhales the tenebrous sight of ecstasy by virtue of revenant omens to an onyx of glooming darkness. A supreme act of numinous awakening, Nox et Hiems channels the trembling glory of Lucifer in nine shadowy psalms zealous to the great Unknown. Ritualistic, utterly somber, an all-consuming hex of gnostic ascendancy is aurally illustrated by straightforward yet belligerently cryptic riffs - rooted in the Black Metal milieu from the dark past - intertwined with mid-paced chord progressions of dissonant continuum. Powerfully atmospheric yet glowing of intense fervor, the distinct arrangements are sustained by a dynamic mixing in a triumphant display of aesthetic sense and aural virtue.