ANGRENOST - Nox et Hiems - nice price - CD
ANGRENOST Nox et Hiems - nice price

Nox et Hiems - nice price


country: POR
label: Altare Productions
year: 2017
format: CD
Condition: New

In stock

A supreme act of numinous awakening, Nox et Hiems channels the trembling glory of Lucifer in nine shadowy psalms zealous to the great Unknown. Ritualistic, utterly somber, an all-consuming hex of gnostic ascendancy is aurally illustrated by straightforward yet belligerently cryptic riffs – rooted in the Black Metal milieu from the dark past – intertwined with mid-paced chord progressions of dissonant continuum. Powerfully atmospheric yet glowing of intense fervor, the distinct arrangements are sustained by a dynamic mixing in a triumphant display of aesthetic sense and aural virtue.

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