ARCKANUM - Forsta Trulen - CD
ARCKANUM Forsta Trulen

Forsta Trulen


country: SWE
label: Folter
year: 2019
format: CD
Condition: New

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“Första Trulen” is the very first recording of the classic “Trulen” demo tape released by ARCKANUM in 1994. Shamaatae, solo member of the band, recorded this demo by himself on a Fostex 4-track portastudio cassette tape recorder in 1994, but he didn’t like how it turned out, so he recorded it all over again and this recording was left in a box until now. 

The release includes the very first version of the song “Ængin Oforhærra” which was not on the previously released demo! And all the ambient songs are the experimental first versions. 
The songs were newly mixed and mastered. 

1.Pan’s lughn 02:46
2.Hvila pa tronan min 04:32
3.Yvir min diupe marder 05:33
4.Et sorghe tog 02:56
5.Gava fran trulen 05:56
6.Bærghet 03:44
7.Ængin oforhærra 05:41
8.Svinna 04:36
9.Kolin Væruld 03:47
10.ARCKANUM - Ener stilla sior af droten min 02:16