ASOFY - Nessun luogo - BOX CD
ASOFY Nessun luogo

Nessun luogo


country: ITA
label: Avantgarde Music
year: 2017
format: BOX CD
Condition: New

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Brand new copy, all extra stuff is included, but the outer box has suffered a knock during transport and therefore has a slightly gibbled corner

Handcrafted by Tryfar - Asofy mainman himself - in 50 exemplars, each copy comes as a one of a kind, with a different photo cover glued on the box top.

Black cardboard box which includes a copy of the digipak CD, a small vial with a paper message, three more unique photos and one extra booklet (different than the one that comes with the digipak).

1 Lontano Da Me 8:58
2 Nemeton 2:35
3 Fosca 5:52
4 Infine 5:15
5 Figure scure 10:38
6 Orizzonte 4:37
7 Memoria 7:34
8 Piccola Disperazione 2:54
9 Nessun Luogo 11:51