AVANTGARDE MUSIC - Circle of Wax "September/October" Bundle #1 - VINYLS BUNDLE
AVANTGARDE MUSIC Circle of Wax "September/October" Bundle #1

Circle of Wax "September/October" Bundle #1


label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: October 29, 2021
Condition: New

Available from October 29, 2021

Please read more about The Circle of Wax concept and general idea HERE.

This is Circle of Wax Bundle #1, for September and October releases: this will be alive until 22/10/2021 (in November then we will have Bundle #2 and so on).

Bundle #1 consists of:

Eard "De Rerum Natura" ("galaxy" effect, blue on black vinil edition) (September release)

Ikarie "Cuerpos en Sombra" ("color in color" effect, white in black vinyl) (September release)

Olio Tähtien Takana "Spectral Katharsis" (gatefold, DLP, "Aside/Bside" effect, Seablue/Grimace purple vinyl) (October release)

Lys "Silent Woods" ("Aside/Bside" effect, blue and black vinyl) (October release)


Join the Avantgarde Music Circle Of Wax and receive every Avantgarde Music release in their limited vinyl version at a special discounted price.

This will guarantee you the limited colored version of every single album at a special price, paying every release only 15€ or less (regardless of them being single or double LP albums).

Avantgarde Music Circle Of Wax is valid for our new releases only (re-releases / reissues will not be included), hence you will start receiving the albums the month after you join. E.G. if you join in October 2021, you will receive a parcel in November 2021, containing the two albums released in October and the two albums released in November in one single shipping.


Eard "De Rerum Natura"
Ikarie "Cuerpos en Sombra"
Olio Tähtien Takana "Spectral Katharsis"
Lys "Silent Woods"