BLACK CRUCIFIXION - The Fallen One Of Flames / Satanic Zeitgeist - LP
BLACK CRUCIFIXION The Fallen One Of Flames / Satanic Zeitgeist

The Fallen One Of Flames / Satanic Zeitgeist


country: FIN
label: NWN
Released at: February 21, 2022
format: LP
Condition: New

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Finnish legends BLACK CRUCIFIXION return to the temporal realm with the reissue of The Fallen One of Flames / Satanic Zeitgeist. Active in the legendary early 90s Finnish black metal scene, Black Crucifixion shares many of the hallmarks of their Northern peers while establishing a distinct manifestation of their own black death art. A sinister atmosphere breathes through these arcane recordings, coupling plodding and torturous doom with disgusting bestial Satanic worship. Whispered vocals provide a truly unnerving aura with few parallels in black metal beyond their allies Beherit. These two cults share more than just an aesthetic sensibility, as these recordings feature SADOMATIC SLAUGHTER on drums. The Fallen One of Flames demo is a stunning example of the irreplicable black magic conjured during the era in which it was recorded. Satanic Zeitgeist documents a live performance in Oulo in 1991, pairing their raw hymns with two covers of Venom and Sarcofago. The lineage from these early gods to the era of Black Crucifixion is clear to see, and they prove themselves to be more than worthy heirs to this canonized lineage. Requisite listening to those who worship Beherit, Barathrum, and all Northern cults who coat the mind in darkness. This is the first time these two recordings have been released together on one vinyl record. Comes on 180 gram heavy vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with an A4 booklet featuring liner notes, rare photos, and a gig flyer.