CARVED IN FLESH - As See Through Years - CD
CARVED IN FLESH As See Through Years

As See Through Years


label: Vic Records
Released at: June 20, 2023
format: CD
Condition: New

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Carved in Flesh was an American Death metal band formed in 1994 in Lima, Ohio. They released one demo and one full-length album in 1997. Their debut album ‘As Seen Through Tears’ is now finally re-issued. This rare death metal gem is much sought-after, eBay prices are around 150 $. Extensive liner notes by founding member and drummer / songwriter Josh Hemenway. Complete booklet remake with exclusive and rare pictures. The re-issue has one special bonus, a never before released, song. Remastered and restored by Achilleas Kalantzis (Possessed, Varathron, Vio-Lence).

1.Sick 05:04
2.Hell We Have Made 03:47
3.Tears For The Wasted 04:58
4.Reduced To Nothing 05:53
5.Gone 03:26
6.Into Depression 04:45
7.When The Wicked Dream 04:40
8.Life is Done (Bonus track) 04:40