DEATH LIKE MASS - Matka Na Sabacie - LP
DEATH LIKE MASS Matka Na Sabacie

Matka Na Sabacie


country: POL
label: Terratur
Released at: April 1, 2021
format: LP
Condition: New

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  • Jacket on rough carton, flooded black inside
  • DIN A5 booklet
  • Plastic protection sleeve
  • Black vinyl  

This is one of the darkest, most disturbing and flat out ‘evil’ recordings I’ve ever heard. Although it at times sounds improvised, it is not. This is meticulously planned, but a big ingredient is subconsciously becoming a vessel during the process for something otherworldly, and to me this radiates exactly that. Talking with the band, this seems like something they themselves felt was something uneasy, dark and possessed, and the result is to me truly fascinating; extreme Black Magic. This is clearly not for everyone, but those of the unlight will thrive in this absolute lunacy.
Enjoyed best intoxicated at high volume.