DEATH YELL Descent into Hell

Descent into Hell


country: CHI
label: HellsHeadBangers
year: 2017
format: CD
Condition: New

In stock

Maintaining that surging, sulfurous sound of their early years but emboldened by a maturity that never threatens to dilute their maniacal rage, DEATH YELL hit a fever pitch early on on Descent Into Hell and never let up, letting loose one propulsive missile after another. Their attack is finely honed, enviably executed, but never sterile; similarly, the production across the album locates the fine balance between grit and gleam, clarity and crust. Through it all, DEATH YELL unfurl serpentine solos that intoxicatingly create an atmosphere of eldritch rot and nameless horror.

Comes with a 12-page lyrics booklet.

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