label: Unorthodox Emanations
Released at: July 26, 2024
format: LP
Condition: New

Available from July 26, 2024

With an inception going back to 2019, Defacement rapidly gained momentum within the underground realms with two full-length records marked by an intense and experimental take on death and black metal, Deviant (2019) and self-titled Defacement (2021). Three long years after their latest output, the international band flares its cryptic head yet again with an epic tome of twisted and gnarly emanations, an immersive pathway into the void entitled Duality.

Defacement's third studio record is challenging and confrontational in its invocation of primal forces lying dormant in the world below. Inspired by the unfathomable, shadowy corners of human existence, Defacement hatches a penetrating sonic journey, unpredictable in its own dynamic, ever-changing form. Intricate and complex riffing lay as a basis for dexterous melodies, making Duality the most complete and mature among the band’s outputs. The cold and experimental interludes entangled between tracks, serve as halting moments that further the conceptuality of Duality and broaden the gist of the main songs.

The tremendous rhythmic section, a complex and throbbing pulse of drumming fierceness and serpentine bass playing, is superiorly captured by the dynamic and organic production, a vigorous sound that evokes both an oppressive aura and wistful solemnity. Gabriele Gramaglia (Cosmic Putrefaction, Vertebra Atlantis) and Simon Da Silva (Aversio Humanitatis) took care respectively of the mixing and mastering, finely crafting the details of Defacement’s new album.