DEPTHS ABOVE - Ex Nihilo (black vinyl) - LP
DEPTHS ABOVE Ex Nihilo (black vinyl)

Ex Nihilo (black vinyl)


country: CZ
label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: November 11, 2022
format: LP
Condition: New

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Born in 2016 in the sewers of Brno, Czech Republic, Depths Above is one of the underground’s best kept secret. The black metal act conveys the minds of four different individuals coming from different areas and even countries, each one with their own musical background and influences rooted in extreme and obscure music

Now abyssal and then ethereal, with neither boundary nor border: this is Ex Nihilo, a modern black metal album, with a plethora of different influences, from doom and death metal to sludge and post-metal.

Ex Nihilo was originally self-released by Depths Above themselves in 2018 on CD only, in a very limited run, and it never received any further distribution until now. As the band is hard at work on their sophomore album, at the Avantgarde Music hq we believed this stunning work deserved better.