DIM LIGHTS - Starspire - LP
DIM LIGHTS Starspire


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country: FIN
label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: May 30, 2022
format: LP
Condition: New

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Black Vinyl

Behind Dim Lights hides Finnish award-winning composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Ville Pallonen, founder of Chaoswaves Composing and better known to the extreme metal world as V-Khaoz. After receiving great praise with several black metal projects, namely Vargrav and Olio Tahtien Takana, Pallonen decided to (temporarily?) put metal aside and focus on pure electronic music, and dystopic and futuristic tunes are what you should expect while making your way through Dim Lights dreamy, melancholic notes. The work of great composers and electronic producers coexist inside V-KHaoz music, the offspring of both the ‘80s cyberpunk and the ‘20s videogame culture.