DISMAL AURA - Imperium Mortalia - DIGI CD
DISMAL AURA Imperium Mortalia

Imperium Mortalia

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label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: September 11, 2023
format: DIGI CD
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Based out of the frigid capital of the colonial state known as Canada, Dismal Aura surfaced with their self-released debut, Praeagia Tristia in 2021. The trio blend second-wave black metal with crust punk and grind elements, an offering as bleak and chilling as it is melodic and impassioned.

Composed of members with diverse cultural backgrounds and lived experiences, Dismal Aura explores socio-political topics such as colonialism, state-terror, and environmental destruction.

Produced by Topon Das (Fuck the Facts, Gorguts) and Mike Bond (Crusades, Loviatar), the band’s sophomore album was recorded in deep winter forest of Wolf Lake Studios.

Inspired by the essay Necropolitics by Achille Mbembe, Imperium Mortalia spans eight compositions that reckon with the grim relationship between the individual and the state, the exploitative nature of power, and the reduction of human life to commodity.

01 - Blood Quantum
02 - Les Allumettières
03 - One Path, Many Voices
04 - Essence Of Petrichor
05 - …And Their Blood Shall Be Upon Them
06 - Weaponizing Human Suffering
07 - The Orphan Source
08 - Beyond Necropolitics