DOEDSVANGR - Serpents Ov Old (slipcase) - DIGI CD
DOEDSVANGR Serpents Ov Old (slipcase)

Serpents Ov Old (slipcase)


label: Debemur Morti
Released at: October 29, 2021
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

Available from October 29, 2021

DOEDSVANGR storm back into the fray with second album "Serpents Ov Old", a swaggering, hedonistic blaze of hard-rocking fuck-the-world malevolence. Consisting of Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL), Shatraug (SARGEIST), BST (THE ORDER OF APOLLYON) and AntiChristian (ex-TSJUDER), the band honour their pedigree with an anthemic blend of classic Norwegian and Finnish Black Metal savagery. Empowered by a production-job which aligns top-tier playing with a sense of wild abandon, and garnished with a depraved lyrical brew of demonic awakenings, mass annihilations, ritualism and Satanic decadence, "Serpents Ov Old" is a set of perversely melodic, fist-bangingly misanthropic tunes for revelling and retaliation.

This limited edition comes in a 4-panel digipack with a 12-page booklet and an exclusive slipcase. It features a PILEDRIVER cover song as bonus track. First batch comes in black polycarbonate CD.

1. Serpents ov Old 04:41
2. As the Rivers Bleed Their Blessings 05:30
3. Flagelist 03:08
4. Imperialis 03:24
5. White Finger 07:43
6. Black Dragon Phoenix 04:54
7. Carrier of Heads 04:41
8. The Salt Marsh 03:33
9. Poisonous Tides 07:10