ECHTRA - Paragate - DIGI CD
ECHTRA Paragate



label: Temple of Torturous
year: 2017
format: DIGI CD
Condition: Second hand

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4pp digisleeve on heavy black carton (Keaykolour Antique, 350gsm)
Printed with dark gold ink
Debossing made on band logo as well as some texts
First 100 copies with cover themed patch (size: 10cm x 10cm)

Obliterating genre conventions in favor of the creation of an immersive soundworld, “Echtra’s Paragate” integrates the distortion and vigor of Black Metal sonics with the resolve and earthiness of acoustic songcraft. Arpeggios swirl in etheric spirals, augmenting and negating each other in a dance of intimateness, rhythms altering and disappearing altogether as they herald of the stations of the Seeker’s peregrination.

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