EMPYRIUM - A Retrospective - DIGI CD
EMPYRIUM A Retrospective

A Retrospective


country: GER
label: Prophecy
year: 2006
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

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As the title suggests, “A Retrospective ...” is a look back on the work of Empyrium. Aside from re-mastered songs from all four studio albums, the CD contains two unreleased new tracks, “Der Weiher” and “Am Wolkenstieg”, as well as a newly arranged and recorded version of “The Franconian Woods In Winter’s Silence” (originally off “A Wintersunset...”).

01. The Franconian Woods In Winter's Silence
02. A Gentle Grieving Farewell Kiss
03. The Blue Mists Of Night
04. Mourners
05. Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays
06. Dying Brokenhearted
07. The Shepherd And The Maiden Ghost
08. Heimwärts
09. Waldpoesie
10. Die Schwäne Im Schilf
11. Das Blau-Kristallne Kämmerlein
12. Der Weiher
13. Am Wolkenstieg