ENTHRONED Cold Black Suns

Cold Black Suns


country: BEL
label: Season of Mist
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

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Digipack cd with bonus track 

For more than 25 years, the black horde of ENTHRONED (feat. members of NIGHTBRINGER, EMPTINESS) have waged war on the forces of light. 'Cold Black Suns,' their first album in five years, spews forth regal black metal majesty forged in the fire of the genre's early wars. ENTHRONED's ceremonial sacrilege burns unabated and 'Cold Black Suns' is a triumph of unyielding evil.

1.Ophiusa 03:42
2.Hosanna Satana 02:16
3.Oneiros 06:26
4.Vapula Omega 04:45
5.Silent Redemption 06:11
6.Aghoria 04:10
7.Beyond Humane Greed 04:59
8.Smoking Mirror 07:05
9.Son of Man 08:57