ERANG - Imagination Never Fails - LP
ERANG Imagination Never Fails

Imagination Never Fails


Released at: June 17, 2021
format: LP
Condition: New

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A true journey within the Kingdom of Erang & the Land of the Five Seasons. Each track was built like a mini-movie that takes place in a much bigger picture within my own world.
Musically, I've been inspired by the 70's aesthetic and it's a mix of many of my childhood & teen memories and influences: some are obvious, others more burried...

—–Side A—–

01 Imagination Never Fails 02:16
02 A New Age is Rising 02:28
03 Far Away 01:50
04 New World Slave 02:49
05 Long Ago in the Hidden Kingdom 03:25
06 Into the Magic World 04:29

—–Side B—–

07 Shipbuilding Memory 03:44
08 A Mount useless to Everyone but Me 04:24
09 The Beast in Me 04:54
10 I Am still Right Here 03:49