FONSADERA - Macabre Damp - LP
FONSADERA Macabre Damp

Macabre Damp


label: Inferna profundus
year: 2022
format: LP
Condition: New

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"Macabre Damp" is the first FONSADERA manifesto (formerly known as EYÁVBËG) and a damning assault or purge in the homeland. Subersive and raw Black Metal from the land of clandestine graves with the sole desire to see columns of smoke burning without stopping! Death to corrupt, crude and completely catholicized politics! Death to the dissidents of the black flame! We all burn to the end.

6 Verses of Complete Perdition advocate the shedding of blood. Hunt your witch…

A1 Versiculum: - I -
A2 Versiculum: - II -
A3 Versiculum: - III -
B1 Versiculum: - IV - Ozterarte
B2 Versiculum: - V -
B3 Versiculum: - VI -