GOATPENIS - Depleted Ammunition - LP
GOATPENIS Depleted Ammunition

Depleted Ammunition


country: BRA
label: Satanic skinhead
year: 2011
format: LP
Condition: Second hand

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Limited edition of 500 copies, all on grey marble vinyl with a printed inner sleeve.

Recorded from 09/2010 - 11/2010. Mixed 02/2011.

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ROG-7 Missiles
MGM-5 Corporal
M110 Howitzer
M107 175MM SP
MGM-29 Sergeant
W70 Nuclear Warhead
Potentially Weaponizable CLGG
Railgun - E.E.G.
Mass Driver (Electromagnetic Catapult)
MK-71 8
Combustion Light Gas Gun (CLGG)