GURTHANG - Martyrium - CD
GURTHANG Martyrium



country: POL
label: Immortal Frost
Released at: May 13, 2024
format: CD
Condition: New

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Gurthang is back and ready to unleash their 8th studio album entitled: “Martyrium”. Like the 2 previous albums “Hearts of the Hollow and Ascension”, they keep moving forth in the same direction where they mix Black Metal with Doom Metal and a lot of ambient background effects making their sound original and outstanding from any other band.

Martyrium however, gives more depth on the guitar parts and delivers some excellent leads that have strong chords, melodies and even a couple of solos. The rhythm guitar brings the same filthy vile sound like we’re used to, where the bass is once again very powerful, harsh, yet, even got a few moments to shine on its own on this record. The drums are well-executed and elevate each song to a higher level by its ferocious diversity it lays down throughout the record and the vocals deliver the same haunted screams which kind of marks the sound of the band.

With their 8th album, Gurthang shows us that they’re far from done and still have a lot of cards up their sleeve. A solid album for those who love a good portion of Black / Doom Metal. 

Recommended if you like: Behemoth, Hate, Azarath, Blaze Of Perdition, Ascension, Vader, Infernal War, etc..

1. Aesthetics of Solicitude (13:49)
2. Conundrum Unfolds (08:10)
3. Antithesis of Creation (06:35)
4. Discernment (03:36)
5. In Voidwards Begotten (10:19)