HIEROPHANT - Death Siege - Ltd - LP
HIEROPHANT Death Siege - Ltd

Death Siege - Ltd


country: USA
label: Season of Mist
year: 2022
format: LP
Condition: New

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Dark red & black marbled vinyl. LTD to 300 copies

HIEROPHANT return after six long years with ‘Death Siege’, the latest battery in their assault of unconditional extremity.
On the album, the band lets loose a raw, blackened assault that is both feral and relentless. All subtleties are cast asunder as track after track swarms with primal fury.
HIEROPHANT is uncompromising in its quest for sonic violence; and ‘Death Siege’ is an earth-scorching escalation in their tactics.


A1 Mortem Aeternam 1:20
A2 Seeds of Vengeance 4:26
A3 Devil Incarnate 4:23
A4 Bloodbath Compendium 4:04
A5 Crypt of Existence 4:08
B6 Interlude 1:09
B7 In Chaos, in Death 3:54
B8 Abysmal Annihilation 4:21
B9 Death Siege 5:42
B10 Nemesis of Thy Mortals 6:29