IMPALED NAZARENE - Eight Headed Serpent -Ltd - LP
IMPALED NAZARENE Eight Headed Serpent -Ltd

Eight Headed Serpent -Ltd


country: FIN
label: Osmose
year: 2021
format: LP
Condition: New

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Witness the triumphant return of Impaled Nazarene!! After seven years, new studio album Eight Headed Serpent (their 13rd) is finally unleashed upon this pathetic world full of wimps, posers, turn the other cheekers and generally ignorant glue-sniffers with their cancel culture and virtue-signalling. Hitting you like the 666-megaton nuclear bomb, Eight Headed Serpent shows no mercy to anybody! From the toxic testosterone opener of Goat Of Mendes till the last dying cries of flat earthers on Foucault Pendulum, Eight Headed Serpent takes no prisoners. This deadly sonic attack was recorded and mixed at Revolver studio in Finland by Asko Ahonen. Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studio. Cover artwork created by long time collaborator Ritual from Nucleart Design.

Reprint, 500 x bloodred 12" (180g) in a microtene innerbag, printed innersleeve, full-color on 220g, download card, gatefold, full-color on 350g, all assembled in a PVC overbag.


1 Goat Of Mendes
2 Eight Headed Serpent
3 Shock And Awe
4 The Nonconformists
5 The Octagon Order
6 Metastazing And Changing Threat
7 Debauchery And Decay
8 Human Cesspool
9 Apocalypse Pervertor
10 Triumphant Return Of The Antichrist
11 Unholy Necromancy
12 Mutilation Of The Nazarene Whore
13 Foucault Pendulum
14 Penis Et Circes
15 The Horny And The Hornet