INHERITS THE VOID - Monolith of Light (silver/black galaxy) - LP
INHERITS THE VOID Monolith of Light (silver/black galaxy)

Monolith of Light (silver/black galaxy)


country: FRA
label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: December 10, 2021
format: LP
Condition: New

Available from December 10, 2021

Silver and black, galaxy effect vinyl, printed in 200 copies

Inherits The Void is the musical endeavor of French multi-instrumentalist Antoine Scholtès. Born in 2020, the project based in Clermont-Ferrand released the Mémoires EP before starting to work on a proper full-length studio album.

Monolith Of Light hence marks Inherits The Void debut album, born from Scholtès’s desire for “a meeting between influences from the ‘90s Swedish Black Metal scene and a more current orientation of the genre”. Rage and melody entwine in these seven hymns to the transience of man, bringing to mind the great masterworks of Dissection, Dawn and Vinterland, as well as the more contemporary sounds of France.

Inherits The Void adds to their deep black metal roots, incorporating atmospheric hints from bands like Celeste, Déluge and Nesseria: “the main idea behind that album was to compose songs that would be both melodic and atmospheric, embraced by the desire to propose a range of various emotions”.

1. Pillars Of The Aether
2. As The Winds Moan The Threnody
3. Monolith Of Light
4. Unfathomable Echoes
5. Starless Path
6. Through The Eyes Of Cosmos
7. Aorasia