KAMPFAR - Ofidian Manifest - CD
KAMPFAR Ofidian Manifest

Ofidian Manifest


country: NOR
label: Indie Recordings
year: 2019
format: CD
Condition: New

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CD  jewel case with 20 page booklet.

‘Ofidians Manifest’ represents Kampfar anno 2019. 25 years on from their foundation, only willing to release new music if they felt it would surpass all they had done before, it is a condensation of the immense struggles of the last few years. Everything that has been hidden behind the music and the live performances is laid bare, though told in the only way the band can portray themselves, through songs. It is immensely honest yet wrapped in their own folklore, the snake tongues splitting every truth into two deeper truths, every word sung dominated by the weight of all those sung before.

1. Syndefall
2. Ophidian
3. Dominans
4. Natt
5. Eremitt
6. Skamløs!
7. Det Sorte