Knights Of Nvrul - Sri G'thra & Sword of Äonheart - 2CD
Knights Of Nvrul Sri G'thra & Sword of Äonheart

Knights Of Nvrul
Sri G'thra & Sword of Äonheart


label: Northern Silence
year: 2022
format: 2CD
Condition: New

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Collector's Edition in 6-panel Digipack, limited to 300 copies.

The German project Knights of Nvrul plays Dungeon Synth, influenced by acts such as Yearner, Inwendt Faerte, Vorvadoss as well as classics like Depressive Silence, Lamentation and Secret Stairways.

Set in the fictional universe of Nvrul, the project’s visual influences range from Jean Giraud to older video games such as Planescape Torment and Morrowind, and the focus lies on recreating the feelings generated by classic video games on the one hand, and Sci Fi/Fantasy on the other.

The 2CD features both full length albums, with the two demos as bonus tracks, thus gathering all currently available material of Knights of Nvrul on one strictly limited CD release.

Sri G'thra
1-1 Sri G'thra 5:56
1-2 Black Blood Covers Moonlit Steel 3:06
1-3 Servant To The Sage 4:18
1-4 Traitor Of Kin, Oath And Lifted Curse 5:37
1-5 Fire On Silent Metal Wings 6:38
1-6 The Exalted Halls Of Nvrul’s Palace 3:11
1-7 Endless Caves, Eminent Echoes Under Alysmourn 3:52
Demo 1 ( Bonus Tracks)
1-8 The Crepuscular God 6:44
1-9 Lost Magicks And Sorceries Dormant 3:31
1-10 Knights Of Nvrul 9:10
Sword Of Äonheart
2-1 New Home Among The Stars 3:41
2-2 Mirror Moon 4:10
2-3 Boundless Sage 5:01
2-4 Sword Of Äonheart 6:11
2-5 Pale And Derelict 3:50
2-6 Our Velvet Banners Fly Forever 5:18
2-7 New Mysteries 4:42
2-8 Starquest 5:01
2-9 Dream Vultures 4:03
2-10 Sevrn Q’vorgän 1:44
Demo 2 ( Bonus Tracks)
2-11 Spell And Claw 1:55
2-12 Alysmourn 6:58
2-13 Dissolution Of The Order 4:24