LARVAE - Vile maggot feast - CD
LARVAE Vile maggot feast

Vile maggot feast


label: Memento mori
Released at: February 8, 2022
format: CD
Condition: New

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A CD that compiles everything this Italo/Romanian project has released so far, namely the "4-Track Promo Tape" demo (2020) and the "Sickening Cadaveric Perversion" EP (2020). Larvae was belched forth by Lucilia Sericata (nickname for Vitamaria, ex-Lurking Terror from Rome), an Italian sicko that moved to Bucharest four years ago. The insatiable craving to compose and write lyrics was barely endurable, until the first official rehearsal, featuring Disgusting Dennis on bass and drums, finally took place in December 2019. Lucilia sure as hell knew what she wanted to do regarding lyrical themes, riffs, samples and the reeking atmosphere to enshroud the listener in, so it didn't take long until the band recorded and self-produced the "4-Track Promo Tape" demo in their rehearsal room, in March 2020. The global pandemic and the subsequent lockdown didn't prevent Lucilia from writing new music, and the "Sickening Cadaveric Perversion" EP was spilled over like gory grume in November 2020. LARVAE's main purpose is not to craft any kind of technical or easy-listening tunes, but to infect the listener with the most vile and most atrocious visions to be found on Lucilia's mind, by creating some über-morbid Death/Doom Metal that's so utterly gross and filthy that it almost feels like slo-mo Goregrind. LARVAE, indeed, create life from the dead, and (dis)gracefully bathe in the sullen thoughts that consume decaying souls from the inside.