LIVSNEKAD - Den Sociala Vanförheten - CD
LIVSNEKAD Den Sociala Vanförheten

Den Sociala Vanförheten

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country: SWE
label: Katastrophy
year: 2009
format: CD
Condition: New

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The idea behind Livsnekad began to grow after some conversations by Ulf Nylin and Andreas Larsen in october of 2007. They both felt needed to express another, much gloomy and much more emotional side of music than they experienced in other musicial projects that they've had throughout the years. Soon after the idea was born the first track was recorded and that's how this journey starts. A homerecorded EP was released in november, "Köttets och sinnets Biografi" and we have recently made a deal with Katastrophy Records, who will release our first full length album; "Den sociala vanförheten", this autumn. Go and read the myspace's blog for more detailed information on this.

Andreas Larsen also plays in : Shining (Swe), Vile Scar, Level Above Human
Christian "Draug" Larsson also plays in : Svart (Swe), Apati, Promenia
Ulf Nylin also plays in : Skendöd, Murmurs, Korpblod
Richard Schill also plays in : Shining (Swe), Spawn of Possession, Vile Scar, Level Above Human
Seiya "Maverick" Ogino also plays in : The True Maverick