MADRE - Embryo - LP
MADRE Embryo



label: Necrocosm
Released at: March 27, 2023
format: LP
Condition: New

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Industrial Black Metal featuring ex-member of Christicide and some freak Italians from the Industrial/Electronic scene.

Madre was founded in the early stage of 2020 and combines members rooted in France and Italy.

They blend the rawness of black metal with the industrial side of techno and use them as a tool to craft their unique alienated landscapes.

Laurent Clément has been involved in Christicide and is currently in bands The Reptilian Session and Revenants, also an occasional contributor to Aevangelist. Luciano Lamanna is one of the most honorable names of the Italian electronic scene; since the 90s he's a pioneer of techno-rave music, but also a composer and producer involved in hip-hop, underground metal and industrial scenes. He is currently involved in the bands Intolerant, Abolition Ritual and Derelict. Gregorio Luciani has been a pillar of the Italian scene since the late 90's. He's been a member of Comrades, Concrete, Si Non Sedes Is and is currently involved with Derelict and will soon be releasing his debut EP as Grimorio.

01- Matricide 00:00
02 - Path of Negativity 02:34
03 - Self-Confinement 05:41
04 - Cage of Ribs 07:39
05 - Natura Morta 09:58
06 - Xaos Transition 14:39
07 - Amniotic Wine 18:55
08 - Castrated 22:23
09 - (Sweet) Red Chalice 25:56