label: Hypnotic Dirge
year: 2019
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

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"A veil of shame plunged your last years into the common numbness,
leading you to this forest, dark and sorrowful.
Your past life left behind, you enter with the mind of a broken soul, destined to perish in silence and solitude.
This is your last fortress. This great ash tree seems to call you.
Its branches are leafless, appearing to be dead, claiming to be the only answer you ever longed for. You will approach it.
This land will do the rest. Spring has nothing to do with the regeneration of its foliage, it is the tense strings of those who have given up that give it back its stature.
And then... when you are becoming part of that tree, you want your life back..."

1.Intro: The Artificial Light 05:13
2.Gathering Believers Among Sheep 07:33
3.I 02:45
4.These Battlefields, Where None Walk Twice 07:25
5.II 01:10
6.The Slow Death of the Years & Other Omens 09:26
7.III 00:57
8.Of Forests and Troubled Past 09:21
9.Outro: The End 02:04