MARRASMIELI - Martaiden mailta - DIGI CD
MARRASMIELI Martaiden mailta

Martaiden mailta


country: FIN
label: Naturmacht
year: 2022
format: DIGI CD
Condition: New

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Finnish Marrasmieli are back with their second album of atmospheric pagan black metal.

Leaning lyrically more towards darker themes, the music is haunting yet deeply atmospheric and carries the same pagan and melancholic splendor of former works.

Format: CD in 4-Panel DigiPak w. high quality glossy varnish & booklet, first press 400

1. Frozen, Far North 0:00
2. The Forest of My Soul 1:37
3. Ghosts of Past and Future 10:37
4. The Oaks of England 19:12
5. Far in the Frozen North 28:41