MORCOLAC - Drawbridge To Citadel Of No More Dawn - CD
MORCOLAC Drawbridge To Citadel Of No More Dawn

Drawbridge To Citadel Of No More Dawn


label: Dusktone
Released at: May 22, 2024
format: CD
Condition: New

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After two records out in 2021 and 2022, SadoMaster of Morcolac is back with a vengeance with the new maxi-EP (30 minutes of music) “Drawbridge To Citadel Of No More Dawn”, prelude to a forth-coming and bombastic third new record.

Morcolac draws inspiration from the late 90’s Nordic black metal, in particular from the symphonic side and - geographically - the finnish scene, a tradition continuing today with names such a Satanic Warmaster, Vargrav, Warmoon Lord. Listeners can feel a balance in Morcolac music: on one side the gloom of symphonic black metal while on the other the aggression and the malignancy of old-school black metal.

If you are into black metal and you want to experience dark forests, evil creatures and the grim side of fantasy worlds through their lyrics, Morcolac is for you!

1.Witchblessed Nightwalz 02:56
2.Memorialmoon Narrates The Morbose 06:50
3.Dungeon Dustears 05:49
4.Wormchalice Of The Dirtiest Church 05:20
5.The Chant Of Barbarian Wolves (S. W. Cover) 06:35
6.And In The End We Only Saw The Shameful Rays 02:46