NEL BUIO - Nel Buio (black vinyl) - LP
NEL BUIO Nel Buio (black vinyl)

Nel Buio (black vinyl)


label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: June 21, 2024
format: LP
Condition: New

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Limited edition 100 copies, comes with insert

Nel Buio, Italian for In the Dark, is a black wave project born by Clod "the Ripper" De Rosa (Blasphemer, ex-Septycal Gorge) in the Autumn of 2023 to combine black metal and 80s darkwave. The Line up was completed by
Neil Grotti on guitars and Francesco Vellacifer on drums (both of Electrocution and Blasphemer's fame, among the many).
Avantgarde Music is glad to announce the release of Nel Buio self-titled debut EP. Frontman Clod the Ripper chose the following words to introduce the five songs composing the record: “In the shadow of the metropolis, where the echo of alienation seeps through the cracks in the concrete, our music is born. A work that reflects the isolation and hypocrisy of lives obscured by the lights of big cities. Through a feminine eye, our "pure Italian blackwave" is a manifesto for those who find beauty in decay and truth in shadows, a comfort in the darkness for the souls lost within it”.
Uncompromising, dark and sorrowful, Nel Buio debut will leave a mark on all those looking for something more than mere fury in black metal. On June 21st, let the dark guide you.