NIGHT CROWNED - Impius Viam - Ltd - 2LP
NIGHT CROWNED Impius Viam - Ltd

Impius Viam - Ltd


year: 2020
format: 2LP
Condition: New

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Limited splatter double vinyl in gatefold cover.

After their really decent EP "Humanity Will Echo Out" the Swedish Black/Death Metal newcomers (as far as one can even call it with this line-up) present their debut album with "Impius Viam".
Harsher Black/Death Metal, which already reminds a bit of BEHEMOTH.
The line-up consists among others of musicians from THE UNGUIDED, DARK FUNERAL, CIPHER SYSTEM

1 Impius Viam
2 Reborn
3 Nocturnal Pulse
4 Ira
5 Your Ending, Your Demise
6 Your Sacrilegious Flesh
7 Black Bone Cross
8 Unholy Path
9 All Life Ends
10 Beneath No One
11 No Room For Hope
12 Ego Sum Bestia