NIGHTS AMORE - Subscribers of Death - CD
NIGHTS AMORE Subscribers of Death

Subscribers of Death


label: Immortal Frost
year: 2010
format: CD
Condition: New

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At first I thought this is a very strange name for a Black Metal band, and fortunately this is not a Black Metal band but a Dark Ambient one man project from Sweden. This is Nights Amore's debut album, a 9 tracks effore totaling a bit more than an hour. Depressive, emotional and insightful, that's how I would describe the music on this album, filled with enchanting piano parts, melancholic keyboards, atmospheric sounds and, I think, movies and TV news cuts that are quite expressive and help a lot to the overall feelings inspired by this release. Too bad there is no text on the booklet to describe the author's intentions and ideas. Usually I get bored quickly by Ambient releases using repetitive sounds over and over again, but here is not the case, the music on "Subscribers of Death" is very complex and colourful. I recommed this to all of you in search for some good quality depressive Ambient releases, don't miss this album!
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