OLHAVA - Reborn (tape) - TAPE
OLHAVA Reborn (tape)

Reborn (tape)


country: RUS
label: Avantgarde Music
Released at: July 21, 2022
format: TAPE
Condition: New

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pro-printed cassette, clear shell, UV printed and 2 pages J-Card (final product will come with uncensored front cover)

A little more than a year after the acclaimed, massive Frozen Bloom, Olhava is back with a brand new studio album.
Reborn explores yet another side of the relationship between man and nature. In a darker turn, the duo presents a more pessimistic and cautionary reflection on the environment in contrast to their previous albums.
“Reborn is a story about a man who forgot what brought him here. Who neglected a precious, parental, and primordial bond with nature; who unconsciously destroys the one and only home we all share, along with himself. The irreversible damage we do to our environment will see mankind “beheaded”, whilst nature and life itself will thrive eternally.
We’d like to believe though that if we realised the value of that bond and embraced it, we’d be given a glimpse of hope in this fatalistic madness - a chance to be spared.


1. Mirror 22:29
2. Reflection 22:28
3. Reborn I 18:00
4. Reborn II 16:07